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$3500 price range, Starter Custom, Model H, .270 Winchester (action/parts/labor included in price, scope not included)

Action - Howa 1500, Chrome-moly, long action, Basic Blueprint, jeweled bolt.

Barrel - Shilen Match-Grade, Stainless Steel, #2 contour, .270, 1 in10 twist, finished length 20"(bolt face to crown), match-style, step crown.

Stock - McMillan Fiberglass, Sako Classic, Pachmayr 1” Decelerator Pad, two standard swivel studs installed. Aluminum bedding pillars, free-floated bed, custom painted/textured with DuraCoat Paint, enhanced ACU pattern (army digital, five colors were Deep Gray Green/Combat Black/Light Tan/Gray Green/German Light Green).

Bottom Metal - Howa factory aluminum bottom metal/steel floorplate, Howa factory magazine box and follower, 5+1 round capacity, factory action screws.

Muzzle Brake - Gentry Quiet Brake, chrome-moly, turned after installation to match barrel contour.

Scope Rings/Bases - Talley One-piece Aluminum Bases/Rings, 6-48 screws.

Trigger – Timney Match, tuned to 2lbs.

Finish - All the steel was Parkerized and then coated with Dura-Coat paint (Combat Black). Aluminum bottom metal and aluminum scope bases/rings were blasted and painted to match, cocking piece blasted with glass beads and left as is.

Scope – Leupold VX-III, 2.5-8X 36mm, German #4 Reticle, Matte.



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