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Necedah Refuge, Wisconsin

I started at home in Wisconsin where I grew up target shooting and hunting. Later, it was the military and the 82nd Airborne Infantry. As a Paratrooper, I carried and got to shoot a wide variety of weapons. In fact, you name it and I probably put some rounds down range with it. After I got out of the service, I continued to shoot religiously and even visited the local gunsmith to have my own bolt rifle built. That didn’t work out. I ended up going to college, continued to shoot and hunt, fell into a career, got a steady job and then lost it. At that point, I decided to head west to Colorado. I graduated from Colorado School of Trades Gunsmithing Program in 2004. I specialized in what else, custom bolt-action rifles, and actually built six of them at school. I returned home to Wisconsin after graduation and went back to my career. On the side, I began planning and researching for Soltis Rifles. Studying more advanced building techniques, procedures, and products. I scrutinized other gunsmiths and their rifles, gathering information and knowledge for use in my own rifles. All the while, I was slowly building up my equipment. In 2006 my shop was up and running. I built a slew more rifles for myself, experimenting and perfecting my own techniques. The philosophy I followed as I went through the learning process is the same philosophy I practice now. I find what works and stick with it, I only do quality, and striving for perfection is my only option. When it comes to building precision rifles, I’m really my own worst critic. My standards are too high, I’m too meticulous and probably too anal for my own good. However, if I wasn’t, I couldn’t do what I do. The second half of my philosophy deals with my sales model. Soltis Rifles is not solely about craftsmanship and precision, it’s about our clients. I’m not mass producing a product and selling it to the general public. Instead, I’m marketing to a select group of folks who share my love of hunting, shooting, and precision rifles. My clients are a reflection of myself, and thus expect nothing short of excellence from their rifle and consumer experience. At Soltis Rifles, excellence is literally what we’re shooting for, and I won’t settle for anything less.

Pope Air Force Base, Ft. Bragg

829 Brown School Rd. | Evansville, WI 53536 | Phone: 608-882-1229