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Traditionally, riflesmiths don’t go into much detail about their actual building process.  However, I’m the exception to the rule (story of my life).  I want my clients to understand how their rifle came to be.  In fact, I feel I owe it to them.  My clientle are not just hunters and shooters, but rifle enthusiasts.  They’re interested in the general process, the tedious details, along with the artisanship that goes into building a precision rifle.  Not to mention, I think my clients should know what they’re paying for and why it costs what it does.  The more informed they are, the more they’ll appreciate the finished product and feel their money was well spent--all of which translates into a very satisfied customer.  Lastly, to me, a custom rifle is all about confidence.  I believe for my clients to get a glimpse of what went into their rifle, is incredibly valuable and a conduit for that confidence.   

My buddy Prewitt and I, Fort Bragg, NC

I’ve put together a slide show documenting my basic building process, following the steps I took while building a Soltis Rifle.  In this case, it was a tactical rifle (shown in the Rifle Gallery).  As you page through it, keep a few things in mind.  First, every gunsmith has his own techniques, processes, and ideas about how things should be done.  I learned long ago while I was doing home remodeling and construction, there is seldom only one correct way to complete a project.  In fact, just the opposite is true.  One can build something five different ways and each can be correct and accomplish an identical result.  For the most part, the same is true for rifle building.  Second, this is a very basic slide show, it’s just a portion of the overall process and I’m purposely not showing you everything, sorry.  However, if you look closely, I do give away a few tricks of the trade, along with some of my own accurizing techniques, some unique fixtures, and other processes I’ve developed.  On the flipside, there’s a huge amount of set-up, planning, calculating, and other smaller tasks that I didn’t include.  Also, I’m not an expert photographer or documenter.  I actually forgot to document some of the steps, did others out of order, changed some things throughout, etc.  In other words, this slide show isn’t meant to be a how-to guide for the beginning or amateur builder.   This stuff takes practice and a certain degree of knowledge, it should be left to qualified gunsmiths and not tried at home---the life you save could be your own. 

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