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Custom Rifles

I separate my rifles into two models, with two variations.  The first model is a hunting rifle, Model H, and the second is a target/tactical rifle, or Model T.  The two variations of these models are the Starter Custom Rifle and the Signature Custom Rifle. 

The Starter Custom Rifle is for the client who has a more restrictive budget.  It’s based on the less expensive Howa 1500/Weatherby Vanguard action.  It includes a Shilen Barrel and a McMillan Fiberglass Stock.  However, it’s very limited in respect to bells and whistles, paint jobs, etc.

* Starter Custom Rifles average $3000-$4000 (all parts/labor included in price)

Starter Custom, Model H, .257 Weatherby Mag

Starter Custom Services

The Signature Custom Rifle is for the client who knows exactly what they want, price is merely an afterthought.  It’s based on either a Remington Model 700 or Winchester Model 70 action (Pre-64 Style Controlled Round Feed only).  It also includes a McMillan Stock, along with a more expensive Krieger Barrel/Mike Rock Barrel.  Then we can add all the bells and whistles you desire, along with some that I require.  Basically, if you can dream it up, it’s within reason, and it’s legal, we’ll build it.

* Signature Custom Rifles average $4000-$6000 (all parts/labor included in price)

Signature Custom, Model H, .338 Winchester Mag

Signature Custom Services

Regardless of which model/variation of rifle you’re interested in, a few things remain constant.  First, they’re all built-to-order according to customer specifications.  Second, they’re built one at a time and nothing is ever assembly-lined.  Third, every rifle is range tested for accuracy, function, and safety, by me personally, and the paper targets themselves will be included upon delivery.  Lastly, every rifle is a labor of love, treated equally, and none of them regardless of model/variation are handed over to the proud new owner until all my demanding standards are met or exceeded. 

These are a few of the rifles I’ve built.  You’ll notice I love creativity and like to keep things interesting, I never want to build the same rifle twice.  On the flipside, I admit I like a boring, no frills, flat-black, working rifle in a classic caliber equally as much.  Whatever your preference, I’ll always attempt to accommodate any of your unique rifle ideas.  With these rifles, I try to show you a general price range and a good cross section of what’s possible.  If you’re not exactly sure what you want, or if you’re a new shooter/hunter and need help determining what type of rifle would be right for you, don’t hesitate to contact me for assistance.  Also, if you’re one of the growing number of women shooters/hunters and would feel more comfortable talking to another woman, my wife is a great resource and would be happy to talk with you.  Lastly, regardless of your knowledge level, I encourage you to do some of your own research.  I value, appreciate, and desire your input.  After all, in the end, it’s your rifle and it should be uniquely yours.  To get you started, take a look at these rifles, they’ll probably give you some great ideas.

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*** Once we’ve agreed upon your rifle specifications, I’ll calculate the time/materials required and quote you one price for the entire project 

*** Half down is required when order is placed and other half is paid prior to delivery

***All Sales are final.  I guarantee all my work, within reason, for a year.  This does not include normal wear/tear or any catastrophic mishaps (i.e. dropping your rifle down a mountain side, running it over with your truck, or shooting hot loads that magically blow the gun up ).  My rifles are built to easily outlast you, and will, if taken care of.

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