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Custom Gunsmithing

 I don’t do general repair work.  However, I enjoy and do a lot of semi-custom work to factory guns, as well as partial and full builds. Generally, the semi-custom rig is for the client who is more or less satisfied with their factory gun, but desires a few custom features to make it uniquely theirs.   The partial build is typically for serious shooters who research products themselves, collect parts, are very hands-on, but may need some assistance with certain aspects of the assembly process (i.e. machining, finishing, etc).  A full custom build is for the individual who requests I do everything, they simply tell me what they want - Custom Rifles.   Considering my Custom Rifles start at around $3000, the custom gunsmithing route is a good alternative if you’re on a more restrictive budget, or just want to be more involved.  
I enjoy projects other than bolt rifles as well, depending on the client and type of firearm (typically no handguns).  These days it’s primarily with AR’s, but I’ll also do custom work on M1A’s, Mini 14/30’s, the occasional tactical shotgun, and a few others upon request.  Often times work is done in conjunction with refinishing/DuraCoating, but not required. 

  • Remington R-25 in .308 Win. Threaded the factory barrel and added a Spike’s Extreme Muzzle Brake
  • Removed Factory handguard and added a floated DPMS Quad Rail Tube
  • Added a fully adjustable MAGPUL Stock and pistol grip. Filled the gap between the lip of the pistol grip and the lower receiver
  • Added speed/oversize buttons for the magazine release and bolt release
  • Did a trigger job on the factory trigger
  • Complete refinish, DuraCoat, custom Soltis Rifles pattern, MAGPUL foliage green, dark earth, tactical black, with white accents
  • Mounted scope and zeroed

There are a few advantages in having a custom builder doing the gunsmithing for your project.  To start, you’re getting a free consultant, so you’ll get your project done right the first time.  For example, if you’re starting from scratch, I can assist you in obtaining the right factory gun/scope combination for your intended purpose.  On the flip side, if you have the gun already, I can assist you in obtaining the correct parts/components, and then make sure they’re installed/matched properly for your desired outcome.

  • Benelli M3 Super 90 12ga Tactical Shotgun with fold-over stock
  • Barrel shortened slightly, front post assembly partially removed, left enough and shaped to fit a N.E.C.G. Ivory Bead
  • Barrel ported · New barrel band screw
  • Created over-sized aluminum charging-lever from existing
  • Created and installed custom over-sized bolt-release button
  • Completely removed rear sight/base
  • Completely refinished, Parkerized, and DuraCoated, Custom Urban Digital using Tactical Black/White/ACU Grey Green/Tactical Dark Earth
Another advantage with the semi-custom rig is the process itself.  The time frame for completed projects is a fraction of the time compared to my Custom Rifles. Lastly, the most obvious advantage is, I’m a perfectionist and passionate about firearms and that’s reflected in the work I do.  I view a project as a “complete” project.  In other words, if you’re having me do a paint job/refinish on your rifle and I notice the crown is chipped or the trigger is junk---I’ll actually inform you and we’ll get it taken care of before I ship it back to you!

  •  Springfield M1A Scout Rifle
  • Customized the factory stock, shortened, added standard sling studs, added Packmayr Trap Decelerator Pad, slight palm swell, bottom picatinny rail and did bedding job.
  • Customized factory muzzle brake
  • Customized front sight post
  • Added Aimpoint red dot scope
  • Added Vertical Grip
  • Added Buffer Pad
  • Completely refinished stock/steel and components, Parkerizing, and DuraCoated, Custom Tiger Stripe using Combat Black/Urban Mirage White/South African Light Green/Air Force ABU Tan.

The amount of customization varies from client to client, personally I don’t think there can ever be enough.  Some folks just want the paint job, some want a floated handguard, maybe a new barrel or trigger.  Others want every bell and whistle, which is great.  If you have a specific project in mind, or are looking for ideas to make that favorite firearm more user friendly and uniquely yours, contact me to discuss!

A very general price list, varies depending on project type, client, other work performed, and doesn’t include cost of parts. Listed below is specific for bolt-rifles, contact me for pricing on other firearm work or if you don’t see something listed!

  • Re-Barrel (Thread, chamber, cut to desired length and crown. Caliber of your choice) $250
  • Blueprinting (contact for pricing)
  • Cut Barrel down and re-crown $100
  • Install muzzle brake $125
  • Basic Scope Mounting/Boresight $50
  • Complete Cleaning $50
  • Install and tune an aftermarket trigger $25
  • Tune a factory trigger $50
  • Jewel the bolt $50
  • Stock Bedding (contact for pricing)
  • Wood Stock Re-finishing $300 ·
  • Synthetic Stock fitting/pillars/bedding (contact for pricing)
  • Install standard sling swivel stud $30/stud
  • Install recoil/decelerator pad $65
  • Install recoil reducer $50
  • Paint synthetic stock (see DuraCoat tab)
  • Steel Refinishing/Parkerizing/Painting (see DuraCoat tab)
  • Range test/zero rifle/factory load development/groups (contact for pricing)
  • Install aftermarket tactical/hunting over-sized bolt knob $50 ·
  • Install Sako-style extractor on Rem. 700 $75
  • Install iron/open sights (contact for pricing)
  • Enlarge standard 6-48 scope mount holes to larger 8-40 size $50 ·
  • Pin Rem. 700 bolt handle to bolt body $35

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