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Duracoating® Service

I’ve been using DuraCoat® paint for years on my custom rifles.  Throughout that time, my clients have asked me to paint their various other firearms. They wanted a gunsmith/artisan painting their babies, someone who knows firearms inside and out. Someone who understands what should be painted, what shouldn’t, how and when to Parkerize, how to properly disassemble/assemble, function test, etc.  In short, they wanted quality workmanship and a quality finish. 

DuraCoat® is a quality product.  Applied correctly, it’s as tough as nails and looks great. The big advantage to finishing your firearm with paint is versatility.  In the past, rifles were blued, Parkerized, or left stainless---and that’s about it.  With these finishes you got your rust resistance ,basically one or two colors, and a few different sheens.   These days you expect more.  Finishing with paint, especially DuraCoat®, gives you the versatility to create any look imaginable for your firearm.  The beauty of it is, you’re also getting a rust proof coating that continues to cure as it ages.  It actually looks better year after year, instead of the fading and wearing associated with bluing.

On the gunsmith side, I like it for some additional reasons.  The first one again is versatility.  I can use it on your fiberglass stock, your plastic AR pistol grip, your aluminum scope rings, and your steel barreled action----everything can be coated and matched!  Second, when painting steel, I’m Parkerizing first to create a surface for the DuraCoat® to adhere to.  Parkerizing in itself is an excellent rust resistant coating.  Once painted, I now have two layers of rust protection---which makes me happy. 

Throughout my site you’ll see examples of firearms I’ve painted.  The possibilities are endless.   Anything from simple one color projects, one color with some spatter, two-tone blended, three color DuraCoat® camo patterns, digital, four color custom patterns, five, and on and on.  If you don’t know what you want, I link to the DuraCoat® site, check it out.  They have all kinds of patterns, which can be used or customized.  Also, a lot of the patterns I’ve used were from camouflage clothing, various prints, the internet, or other objects. 

As for pricing, like my custom rifles, it’s discussed before the project begins and everything is included.  I don’t nickel and dime for assembly/disassembly/shipping/Parkerizing/etc, it’s all included in the quote.  Actual cost depends on type of firearm, pattern, amount of prep/Parkerizing, number of colors, components, extra mags, scopes, etc.

**Require payment in full before firearm is shipped back to its proud new owner

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