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"Anytime you need a reference please feel free to pass my info on. I have only positive comments regarding the quality of the rifle and how it shoots.

We will have to start discussing the next project soon. I have been looking at several scopes and will have to send you links to them... I think most were nigh force but I believe one was a Leopold.

Talk to you soon"


"Got it and it's amazing! I'll be putting my vortex viper on tomorrow and sending you some pics for the gallery. Already have out the three business cards you gave me. Please send more when you get a second. I have a ton of contacts that I can pass them out to"



You’re right, I was playing with the rifle last night, and showing it off to people. I was amazed with it as soon as I saw it but I honestly think I like it more each time I take it out. I really commend your artistic ability on this rifle. It’s incredible. I can’t wait to get loading for it. Dies should be here today or tomorrow so I’m getting excited.
Thank you again for the advice on the rifle assembly/disassembly, etc. I read the whole write-up you did for me and that impressed me too. WOW, It’s like a custom rifles for dummies manual... Everything a guy could want to know about maintenance, cleaning, handling, etc. I was really impressed by that. I will also make sure to locktite the brake before I get out shooting. Thanks again, Jerome. I’ve never had a custom rifle before but it is proving to be a great experience."



 "got it. FedEx delivered around 7:00 p.m.
Damn boy, you know what you’re doing don’t you? That bolt action is like butter. And there aren’t enough O’s in smooooooth to describe that trigger. I am afraid you have poisoned me up forever.
Every gun I have is going to seem crappy compared to this beauty. Damn, this is going to cost me thousands! Bastard!"



I picked the rifles up yesterday and they look fantastic.  Very impressed, and I’ll be in touch.



Oh my God, Oh my God, Jerome this firearm is ever-so sweet. She is my .308 scalpal, performing precision cuts hundreds of yards away...I'm in love. I want you to know that your name has been given to ever former/current sniper and elite marksman that I know...I know MANY. I still receive praise to the look of the weapon which only goes to the discussion on it's performance. I thank you for your professional touch on my baby and I know that we will have future endeavors on my other babies.
Thank you again...the only unfortunate fact in all of this is...I have to admit that Troy was again right."



"Hey Jerome! I picked it up last week and it looks great. I ran into some issues with this Whidden stock, I should have known better and gone with another Manners. It will take me a little while to get it all together and to the range, but as soon as I do, I will give you an update. Thanks again for all you help, it's been a pleasure. Jay"



"Thanks for this info.  Again, it was a pleasure working with you and i can't wait to get this  rifle out to the range...just have to find the time!



"Sorry it took me so long to reply. I do not know if you still want the photos, but I have attached some just in case. I am really enjoying the rifle. My friends are also really impressed with the quality of the rifle. Thanks for doing such amazing work. 




"I received the upper. It looks Great. Exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you for the quality product. Clayton"



"Yep I got. It looks awesome! The craftsmanship on it is excellent. Probably won't shoot it till warmer weather though. Again thanks much."


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