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A Letter To You

 Chagres River, Panama

In the mid 1990’s I went to a local gun shop with an idea for a custom rifle. I really liked the concept of a bolt rifle built specifically for me. So beforehand, I did all my own research, saved a little money, and had a general blueprint for my “perfect” rifle. When I met the gunsmith, I tried to explain my envisioned rifle, but with little success. For whatever reason, he paid scant attention. In fact, he actually began grabbing previously built rifles from the racks and proceeded to show them all to me, as if that’s what I came for. Almost instantly, I realized he was only interested in selling me something. Instead, the gunsmith should have listened to me and gotten to know me a little bit. He should’ve educated me, gotten me involved in the process, and done his best to envision the dream that was my rifle. Ultimately, he should’ve assisted me in buying it. Unfortunately, this particular gunsmith, like the majority of others, sold “guns” to people instead of selling the “custom rifle experience” to clients. Had he understood the difference, he would’ve likely gained a new client-relationship that day, probably resulting in a sale, and if his rifles shot like mine do----a customer for life. After my experience at the gun shop, I decided two things. First, I was going to build my own rifles. Second, if I ever built rifles for anyone else, my clients would receive the exact opposite treatment. That’s what I’m striving for and hope you’ll appreciate.

Tel Aviv, Israel


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