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Top raffle prize at this year’s 50th Anniversary National Police Shooting Championships, 2010.  The rifle was built and donated by Jerome Soltis of Soltis Rifles.  This particular rifle is a Signature Custom, Model T (Tactical), .308 Winchester .  The idea for this rifle came after reading an article in American Rifleman.  The article explained how some state university police departments, specifically after the Virginia Tech massacre, were looking to upgrade their arsenals.  They wanted to include more SWAT type weaponry, increasing their fire-power to respond to any emergency. 

This tactical rifle was designed for just that purpose.  The action is a Remington 700, completely blueprinted, bolt-sleeved, bushed firing pin, the works.  It sports a D.D. Ross Bolt Knob, over-sized Badger Recoil Lug, Gre-Tan Aluminum Bolt Shroud and a Russ Haydon Sako-Type Extractor.  The barrel is a Stainless Krieger, free-floated, 1 in 12 twist, #7 contour, wearing a Vais Muzzle Brake and including a custom thread-cap.  The stock is a McMillan Fiberglass with three sling studs, a  Dead-Mule Recoil Reducer, and a Pachmayr Decelerator Pad.  On top is a Leupold Scope with Mil-Dot Reticle, in Mark IV Rings, secured to Ed Brown 8-40 Bases.  The trigger is from Shilen, surrounded by Dakota Bottom Metal.  The rifle was Parkerized, then finished with DuraCoat paint, in a Soltis Rifles custom tiger stripe pattern.  The rifle shoots as good as it looks, typically all the holes are touching, best group so far being .110" with factory match ammo.  

Action -  Remington 700, Chrome-moly, short action, Complete Blueprint, pinned bolt handle, D.D. Ross Tactical Bolt Knob, Gre-Tan Aluminum Bolt Shroud, Sako Extractor, Badger Ordinance Stainless Recoil Lug, scope base holes drilled/tapped for larger 8-40 screws.

Barrel - Krieger Match-Grade, Stainless Steel, #7 contour, .308, 1 in 12 twist, finished length 20" (bolt face to crown), match-style, step crown. 

Stock - McMillan Fiberglass, HTG, Pachmayr 1” Black Decelerator Pad, three standard swivel studs, Dead Mule Recoil Reducer, Aluminum bedding pillars, free-float bed, custom painted/textured with DuraCoat Paint, Custom Tiger Stripe (Tactical Colors; Dark Earth, OD Green, Woodland Tan, Black).

Bottom Metal - Dakota steel one-piece, Oberndorf style. Rem factory magazine box and steel follower, 4+1 round capacity, hex head action screws.

Muzzle Brake - Vais Varmint Brake, Stainless Steel, turned to match barrel contour (custom thread cap included also). 

Scope Rings/Bases
 - Ed Brown 8-40 Bases, Leupold Mark IV Steel Rings.

Trigger - Shilen, set to 1.5lbs

Finish - Chrome-moly action, along with other chrome-moly parts were polished/sand blasted/parkerized, then painted alternate colors (Black, OD Green, Woodland Tan) and then splattered with opposite color, stainless sleeves/cocking piece were blasted with coarse glass beads and left as is. 

Scope - Custom painted to match stock, Leupold VX-III 4.5-14X Tactical, 40mm, Mil-Dot Reticle, Adjustable Objective, 2" Sunshade, flip-up lens covers.

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