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My Philosophy

A few thoughts….

If you know more than I do about rifles, rifle building, shooting, and probably most everything else----don’t bother calling me to make me aware of it. 

I’ve found over the years that many in the firearms industry have an attitude problem.  It’s almost like a high school click, the “gun” guys.  They stick within their little circle and make fun of any outsiders .  They talk down to prospective clients and belittle those less knowledgeable then themselves.  I’m the complete opposite.  I talk up to my clients, I don’t require a fraternity for support, and I’m always looking to introduce others into the custom rifle world. 

I don’t do cheap!!!  If you’re into cheap and cutting everything to the bone, I’m not your riflesmith.  If you want to save money, there’s plenty of hackers out there who will be happy to oblige.  They’ll talk a good game, promise you the moon, and then they’ll deliver exactly what they’ve been shoveling.

Risky Drop Zone, Puerto Rico

I don’t know everything, but I can and do, research everything.  I enjoy learning.  In fact, I learn something new with each rifle.  It may be something incredibly minor, but to me that’s progress and a step closer to the perfection I’m ultimately striving for.  However, in the end, only God can make something perfect---I simply endeavor to get as close as humanly possible.

There’s an old infantry saying, “you’re only as good as your basic skills.”  In other words, fundamentals are the key, and the foundation that everything else is built upon.  Nothing I do is overly complicated, I don’t use real flashy actions or components, and I don’t have any super secret processes or techniques.  Like the bolt-action rifle itself, I’m old school and the ultimate purist.  My focus is on doing the fundamentals correctly and precisely---everything else is just window dressing. 

Simplicity is the hallmark of genius, and bolt rifles exemplify simplicity---that’s what I love about them.

Exhausted Paratrooper, Panamanian Jungle

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