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Spec-Op Rifles

Special Operations Rifle is a general term I use to describe a bolt action rifle housed in a modular stock that utilizes magazines.  These rifles aren’t for the timid.  They’re normally built on a Rem. 700 or similar actions, use heavy barrels, have high-quality modular stocks fed with high-quality magazines (typically Accuracy International or similar), and usually topped with high-end/long range optics.  As for calibers, unlike one of my custom rifles, with the spec-op you’re limited to what will work in your desired stock/magazine combination.  The rifle below is chambered in the venerable .308 Winchester and was built for a Green Beret turned DOD contractor. 

Action - Rem. 700 Short Action, Chrome-Moly, Complete Blueprint (minus firing pin bushing), Gre-Tan steel firing pin/spring, Russ Haydon Sako-style Extractor, pinned bolt handle, D.D. Ross Bolt Knob, Competition Machine included recoil lug

Barrel -  Rock Creek, Stainless, 1 in 11 ¼  twist, M24 Contour, 20” length, 11 degree step crown

Stock - Competition Machine, RTS Tactical Stock by Gary Eliseo , Tan

Scope Rings – Leupold Mark IV, Steel, 30mm High

Trigger - Shilen Match Trigger, no safety or bolt stop lever, tuned to 2lbs

Finish – Stock finished by Competition Machine, Cerakote, Tan.  Barreled Action Parkerized/Duracoated in Combat Black

Scope – Leupold Mark IV, 6.5-20X, 50mm, ER/T, M5-FF, TMR Reticle, Matte

Accuracy – Consistent sub half-inch groups with Match Ammunition
From the gunsmith side, I do bend a lot of my own rules with these spec-op rigs.  For example, I insist on doing all my own stock work on my custom rifles, not so with the spec-op.  These new fangled stocks come pretty much ready to go.  The bedding system is built-in, the components are finished/painted, and the top rail is included.  I’ll do some minor fitting and scope mounting, but that’s usually about it (although I will do custom paint upon request).  Also, my custom rifles are all engraved with my name/model/caliber, not so with the spec-op.  I consider these combat rigs, I’ll stamp the caliber on the barrel and call it a day.
With these rifles in particular, the folks who want them are usually very specific.  I’ve listed all the components/specs above for the pictured rifle.  If you have your own spec-op project in mind, contact me further to discuss!  (NOTE.  I do give a substantial discount to military/law enforcement)

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