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I do offer private instruction/consulting to those individuals/groups that desire more personalized training.  The gun “culture” and firearms themselves can be very intimidating.  I’ve found over the years that a lot of people, the majority of whom are women, really want to learn how to shoot, but never take the next step.  Typically, they’ve never handled a firearm, they’ve never been to a range, and they’ve never purchased a gun---and would have no idea where to start. 
My training/consulting focuses on the client and their specific needs.  It may be you’re new to firearms, you want a recommendation on what type of handgun to buy for home defense.  You may need some basic training, loading, unloading, firing effectively, cleaning, proper ammunition, and storage.  It could be you already have the basic knowledge and want some advanced training.  I can assist at any level and make you better.   
Firearms are simply a tool like any other, an “extension” of you.  People who really know how to shoot, got that way through practice.  The “extension” became instinctive and routine.  However, more importantly, is state of mind.  Effective shooting comes from a good state of mind, without it, you’ll never really be proficient.  State of mind is not what they teach down at the local sporting goods store for $100 and a piece of paper showing class completion.   State of mind is the key and what I focus on, the rest is up to you and practice. 
I don’t have a set fee, I charge for time/materials and that’s discussed up front.  I use local supervised and unsupervised indoor/outdoor ranges and will commute to your range if requested.  I teach almost any type of firearm with any sort of training, within reason. If interested, contact me to discuss further.

P.O. Box 283 | Evansville, WI 53536 | Phone: 608-882-1229